Warm sun and the ailing back door

As I look away from my computer out of the window and across the fields I can see that it is going to be a fabulous sunset.  If next door weren’t having a bonfire with black smoke plumes rising into the air it could almost be idyllic.

Maenporth Beach
The beach at Maenporth this morning

Been like spring today and it’s funny when the sun comes out you don’t walk very far in Cornwall without someone wanting a chat.  Today was not good though, I ended up humouring the bloke with the runny nose who wanted to tell me all about his experiences with the NHS and how long it has taken to get his ‘back door’ problems sorted out.

I didn’t want to visualise it and thankfully he respected that, however he did feel that I should know that once they had polished his handle up a bit he would be fine!   They must see me coming from a hundred paces!

Still a lovely day though.