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The French Affair

I found a whole load of CDs today all storing photos from a forgotten time.  It seems a shame to keep them hidden away, especially when they represent some major times in our life.

In this case it is the French restoration project.  I had always wanted to live in France and enjoy the wine and bread culture that we all dream of.  The reality is not quite the same but it is still a wonderful place.  I can’t imagine what French Anglophiles dream of if they consider moving here, fish and chips in the park perhaps, who knows.

We bought a house in the Lot Valley just north of the famous Dordogne in southwest France.  When I say we bought a house, I mean to say we bought a ruin and there it began in 2000.

These two photos show the house when we first bought it.  The tree on the left in the first image really is growing through the roof!
It took 4 years to complete the project.  French builders are not the quickest, especially when you are living in England.  I remember driving back time after time with high hopes and being very disappointed to see nothing had changed. I certainly wouldn’t recommend a project like this if you are in a hurry.

Worth it in the end though. Although I think it looked perfect with the greenery growing out of it!