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Tonksey’s Birthday Bash in Cornwall

Well last weekend was certainly one to behold.  10 of us took upon the very brave task of eating and drinking as much as we possibly could in celebration of Tonksey’s Birthday.  We laughed from Friday night until Monday afternoon non-stop.  Some of the party fun can be viewed on my Flickr page including how to eat an After Eight properly and how not to play table tennis.  Friday night was the first night, so everyone sits around and chats nicely, has a bit of a laugh but nothing outrageous.  Having said that I felt like a jumbo jet had landed on my head when I woke up on Saturday morning!

The boys at Tonksey's Birthday bash
Martin, Tonksey, Dave the Sausage, John and Dave

Saturday night we had to behave ourselves because we dined out at the Ferryboat.  Having said that we heard a rumour that phosphorescence was occuring on the Helford River. The subsequent stampede (in full Benny Hill fashion) to view the alleged  phenomenon could only be construed by the management to be a very large group of people doing a runner!

The next day we decided that we needed more food and proceeded to the Red Lion in Mawnan Smith, where I have to say we had an absolutely excellent lunch, roast dinner with plenty of everything, especially scrummy roast potatoes.  I had bread and butter pudding, sheer indulgence, but if you can’t do it on a Sunday when can you? One of our number (who shall remain nameless) stood up after his dinner and found the chair still attached to him, well wedged in – probably just the 12 roast potatoes for you next time!  Again, there was a steady flow of people leaving from nearby tables as our bar bill increased!

Once we had eaten them out of pub and home we headed back to the holiday cottage for our final night.  We started with Charades, then moved on to ‘how to eat an after eight’ and then finally on to ‘who am I?’.  The cheating was outrageous but it was very funny.  Most of us had rude words taped to our foreheads at one time or another and the hysteria never stopped.  We had to stop for refreshments in the form of toasted sandwiches after a couple of hours – gosh you need to keep your strength up and we were clearly starving!  Once everyone had got over the shock that Wagner was still in the competition and that Cher and Paige were in the bottom two, the fun carried on (nobody seemed too concerned about the Strictly vote).

The next day we’re all a bit quiet but still alive, which is nothing short of a miracle.  Top weekend, top company!

See the birthday photoset on Flickr.