Mylor Harbour Last Weekend

Just looked at this photo of the boats at Mylor from last weekend.  Our walk in the sunshine was lovely, it is usually quiet when all of the holiday makers go home but there were plenty of people about.  Boats still in the water for now, won’t be long before most of them are lifted out.  Looking forward to being able to take the dogs on Maenporth Beach again from tomorrow.

Sailing boats at Mylor Harbour

What’s he done now?

There was a clatter, which interrupted my very intricate photographing of a daisy. Not that I needed a photo of a daisy, which is probably a good thing.  As I twist to see what the comotion was all about, it is clear to see that yet again Rafferty was in the middle of it and is now making his getaway.  Only a kayak paddle to worry about this time, unlike the other day when he came back smelling of Branston pickle.  I hate to think which one of the builders in the neighbouring house had to go without lunch.

Rafferty escaping

Sunday lovely Sunday!

Another gorgeous day in Cornwall today. The sea was like a mill pond and as blue as ever.  People were swimming at Woodlands beach, it is the best time aparently because the water has had all summer to warm up.  Needless to say I will take their word for it!

Saling at Maenporth

Our new BBQ

John disappeared off down the garden for a few days and said he was building a BBQ. I haven’t been down there for ages because I have been working too hard, very sad! The moral of the story is, never leave men to their own devices or you might end up with an erection you didn’t bargain for. Yes mine is the size of a bus stop and sits proudly in my garden between the Camelia and a giant grass thing. It is masquerading as a BBQ but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few optics and a beer tap next time I go down there!

Apple Picking

My dog apple picking his own way!

He also selects ripe blackberries very well.  Once he has learned pastry making we will be laughing!

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