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Dolphin Day

I don’t go out on the boat all that often, so when I did I considered myself very lucky to see some Dolphins.

At first I started to see the water move, nothing more than a few splashes.  I am only taking photos in the hope that something will leap out of the water.

Movement in the sea
Movement in the sea

Then nothing for a while and I think it must be a missed opportunity until I started to see movement below the boat.

Dolphins under the boat
Dolphins under the boat
Dolphin day
Just swimming around

I thought they were disappearing off again here ….

Swimming off?
Swimming off?

…. then they started to put on a show, a lovely end to a lovely sailing day!

Dolphin jumping in Falmouth Bay
Then they started leaping out of the water
Dolphin Jumping
Dolphin Jumping, a closer view