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A lovely holiday in Fethiye

View from the breakfast terrace at Ece Saray Hotel
View from the breakfast terrace

We had a great week in Turkey last week mainly because the hotel was so fab.  It was listed as a five star on the website and it certainly was.  The service was great but not intrusive and the views of the marina and my future 100ft yacht (pending lottery win!) were a site to behold especially from the rooftop breakfast terrace. The hotel is called Ece Saray and is on the marina in Fethiye. I wouldn’t normally advertise on my blog but the service was amazing, you didn’t need to lift a finger and the facilities were great.  We ate in the restaurant a couple of times in the evening, which we enjoyed.  We had a suite, so plenty of space to lounge about also with fantastic views of the marina. We had a jacuzzi bath, a new thing for me, into which I poured bubble bath and wished I hadn’t in seconds!

Ece Saray Hotel Fethiye Turkey
Ece Saray Hotel Fethiye Turkey
Hotel pool
Hotel Pool

Fethiye is a working town and so outside of the marina and the traditional Ottoman squares can seem down to earth to say the least.  It does have it’s charms though and the Turkish people are very friendly.  Bartering is mandatory and the traders expect it, in fact almost disappointed when people accept the first price they give. The old town can be a bit touristy but once you get past the fake designer gear and find a cafe to take a seat and watch the world go by it becomes more than a bit interesting.  There is incredible history in this area going back beyond Ottoman to Byzantine times, rock tombs and ancient monuments provide plenty to wonder at.

For me the only bit that ruins it is the fact that I have to fly there.  Some people actually seem to enjoy it but I cannot see the attraction of sitting in something for 4 hours that defies gravity and prevents me from moving my legs.  I have to say that was probably the tightest legroom I have ever known but what can you expect for £300 return?